Alterever Ringtread

In the world of tyres, Ringtread has created a new category, which goes beyond the traditional distinction between new tyres and retreads.

Ringtread is the only system that uses pre-cured treads produced in a circular form and without joints, like new tyres, combined with a revolutionary retreading technology that uses shearographic inspection to identify any defect in the casing and an exclusive buffing and ring building technology.

The result is a tyre unrivalled by any other type of retread, equal and often superior to even the best brands of new tyres in terms of dependability and performance. The Ringtread ring is produced in radial steel moulds, like new tyres, thus ensuring perfect design and absence of deformation during application and use, so that the tyre maintains its performance, guaranteeing slow and regular wear. This tyre concept ensures optimised ground contact area and therefore absolute grip even on the most slippery surfaces.

Lastly, the use of compounds with high elasticity combined with the absence of joints and non-uniform points in the design significantly reduce rolling resistance and result in fuel savings over medium and long distances.

Ringtread offers a complete range of tyres for all axles and any type of route from international transport to regional and local transport, from quarry/site work to lightweight transport and special transport. A range superior to any of those offered by even the top manufactures of new tyres.

Once you have used Ringtread and seen its advantages for yourself, you will be its best advertisement: we can guarantee that you won�t go back to using any other type of retread.