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Parameters that influence fuel consumption:

Tread compound

The tread, while rolling, undergoes a cyclical deformation that causes a loss of energy (hysteresis). High hysteresis of the tread compound implies an increase in rolling resistance and a consequential increase in fuel consumption. The compounds used in the Ecoenergy line are characterized by extremely low hysteresis, allowing fuel savings between 3-5% without affecting other performance areas (wear, tear resistance, traction)

Inflation pressure

The use of tyres inflated to an incorrect pressure may cause increased rolling resistance, untimely wear of the tread, tyre overheating and, consequentially, irreversible damage to the casing.

Incorrect wheel alignment

An incorrect wheel alignment leads to an increase in fuel consumption (from 4 to 12%) and a more rapid wear of the tread. The influence of 3-axle trailer tyres on the overall rolling resistance of the vehicle may reach up to 55%, while the influence of drive axle tyres may reach up to 30% and that of front axle tyres as much as 15%.