Alterever and the environment

High quality retreading offers three advantages:
The world�s retreaded tyre market is constantly growing, and in the industrialized nations it has even reached and surpassed the volume of the new tyres sold into the truck sector. Reliability of the product, economic savings, and respect for the environment are the leading reasons for the international success of these products and the companies that produce them.

Complete reliability
The high quality of the raw materials available, the sophisticated production processes based on the use of stateof the art technologies, the strict controls for the verification of casing suitability, and the quality of the finished product aII permit retreaded tyres to achieve levels of reliability comparable to those of new tyres.

Big savings
When tyres are used correctly, they can be retreaded using the same casing while maintaining performance and life span virtually intact. Retreading costs around half the price of a new tyre. The same life-span and performance at half the cost are therefore the most tangible advantages offered by retreaded tyres.

Respect for the environment
Today retreading processes ensure the recovery of 75% of the raw materials which make up the new tyre. Natural resources like rubber, petroleum, steel, and fibres are recovered and recycled in the production process. Precious materials such as these are no longer wasted, and the delicate balance between respect for the environment and the demands of industry is thus optimized.